Satellite view of a hurricane.

HURRICANE/TROPICAL STORM WATCH: Hurricane/tropical storm conditions are possible in the specified area of the Watch, usually within 48 hours. During a Watch, prepare your home and review your plan for evacuation in case a Hurricane/Tropical Storm Warning is issued. 

HURRICANE/TROPICAL STORM WARNING: Hurricane/tropical storm conditions are expected in the specified area of the Warning, usually within 36 hours. Complete storm preparations and leave the threatened area if directed by local officials. 

SHORT TERM WATCHES AND WARNINGS: These warnings provide detailed information on specific hurricane threats, such as floods and tornadoes. 

FLOOD WATCH: This product informs the public and cooperating agencies of possible flooding. If you are in a Watch area, check flood action plans, keep informed and be ready to act if a warning is issued or you see flooding. 

FLOOD/FLASH FLOOD WARNING: A flood/flash flood Warning is issued for specific communities, streams or areas where flooding is imminent or in progress. Persons in the warning area should take precautions IMMEDIATELY!