Satellite view of a hurricane.

Columbia County Emergency Management

Columbia County Combined Communications Center.

The Columbia County Emergency Operations Center is located at 263 NW Lake City Ave. The emergency management director for Columbia County is Shayne Morgan, FPEM. His e-mail is Office phone number is (386) 758-1383.

911 Addressing/GIS, Emergency Management and the 911 Dispatch Center are all housed in this building. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays). The Phone number is (386) 758 - 1125.

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Check the weather in Lake City, Florida. 

2021 Hurricane Season Names 

Names and pronunciations
​​2021 Ana (AH-nah) Bill (bill) Claudette (klaw-DET) Danny (DAN-ee) Elsa (EL-suh) Fred (frehd) Grace (grayss) Henri (ahn-REE) Ida (EYE-duh) Julian (JOO-lee-uhn) Kate (kayt) Larry (LAIR-ree) Mindy (MIN-dee) Nicholas (NIH-kuh-luss) Odette (oh-DEHT) Peter (PEE-tur) Rose (rohz) Sam (sam) Teresa (tuh-REE-suh) Victor (VIK-tur) Wanda (WAHN-duh) SECONDARY NAMES LIST Adria ... read more
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Board of County Commissioner Meetings 

COVID-19 Local State of Emergency

Please see the revised meeting guidance for the Board of County Commissioners meetings during the COVID-19 Local State of Emergency



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